Brazil World Cup: Everything You Need To Know!

Currently number #11 on Amazon (Soccer), my new eBook “Soccer Obsession: An Inside Look Into The Global Game” showcases the very best, and worst, of soccer culture. 

A taste of what you will find in this must-have guide before the Brazil World Cup in June:

-Celebrity or no celebrity, family members will be kidnapped and players extorted for their release. And the players will oblige. Why? Because these aren’t ordinary kidnappers: This is Brazil’s underworld!

-Celebrity or no celebrity, family members will be kidnapped and murdered, but the killers will lead famous players on to believe they are still alive, extorting hundreds of thousands of euros in the process.

-Pele or Maradona, Ronaldo or Messi? Who is better, and why? You be the judge!

-He said what? The craziest quotes to ever be spoken, including:

Brazil World Cup










-Stadium Disasters: The saddest moments in world soccer.

-The best soccer leagues: The English Premier League is the most marketable franchise on the planet, but is it actually the best? Who are the contenders who host Europe’s finest footballers?

-Billionaire club owners: Heard of Roman Abramovich? No? Well, if you’ve seen James Bond, picture their most frightening villain, and add a backstory of an impoverished Russian on the rise to power. The truth is far stranger than fiction….

-And much more!

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Brazil World Cup Book