IPPY Awards

‘Vagabond’ has been entered into the IPPY Awards and I’m eagerly awaiting the outcome. I just received a notice stating that the judging panel will commence shortly, and to be honest I’m a tad nervous about it! I’ve never been in a competition before (this is my first one, for anything) and I don’t know what to expect or what will happen; every day I learn something new from an independent stand point and in general, I try my best to take it all in. I have had a lot of kind people say very nice things about my book, which makes me really happy! Lots of people tell me they’ve read it, and then re-thought everything about their life, what they are doing for a living or what they’d like to achieve. I’m also asked a lot if there will be a part two, people seem really eager for that to happen. I’m just organising a few things for my second novel, but have been taking it slow as I don’t want to pry away any much needed time for ‘Vagabond.’ There’s just always so much work to do, and so many hats to wear. The ironic thing about my entry into the IPPY Awards, is that I couldn’t sleep one night and tried to find a number of things to do. I don’t watch much TV, aside from documentaries and a few foreign films on SBS, and decided to enter! So hopefully that slight case of insomnia is a catalyst for something positive! Either way though, there will be a lot of great authors who I will have the chance to discover, so it’s a win-win!

The awards ceremony will be held in NYC, which is an amazing and fascinating city of epic proportions. Apparently a few agents and publishers are also there, so it’s a great night for independent authors as they celebrate. This website has seen a sharp peak in US visitors lately, and on the flip side, a new country- Finland :) I get excited seeing new countries pop up, my facebook fan page is the same, however I have a majority of fans from Brazil, Argentina and the USA- probably about 70%! Hopefully I can one day pay the fans a visit, and do a book signing on a Brazilian beach ;)

In other news, I have a couple of newspapers in Budapest who’d like to sit me down for an interview in July, so I’m excited about that as well! I’ll be meeting my family, who I have never met before so it’s going to be a great moment for me, both as a writer and a person trying to understand more about the Karakai family. Hungary is such a beautiful and hospitable place, it is definitely a must-see destination for those interested in Eastern Europe! I may also have some other exciting news (really exciting) to share, so watch this space :)